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SIMPSON® offers a kit of replacement o-rings and filters, which will help keep your pressure washer couplers in top shape. These o-rings and filters can be used on spray guns, extension wands, pump connections and more

Get Back to Work Quickly: Pressure washer replacement o-rings from SIMPSON help you minimize downtime for maintenance on your pressure washing projects; these o-rings can be used for accessories, such as spray guns, hoses, extension wands, and pump connections.

Maintenance Benefits: Replacement o-rings and filters keep your pressure washer couplers in top shape; Extend the life of your parts and attachments and save money by replacing worn or damaged components.

Compatibility: These replacement o-rings and filters are universally designed to fit parts and accessories for most gas and electric power washers. Colors of the replacement o-rings may not correlate to your machines accessories o-ring. Please confirm the size of the o-ring when replacing.

Set includes 2 each of: Green O-ring – 14.0mm OD/8.6mm ID/2.7mm CS; Yellow O-ring – 14.0mm OD/9.8mm ID/2.1mm CS; Red O-ring – 15.6mm OD/10.0mm ID/2.8mm CS; Blue O-ring – 18.0mm OD/12.7mm ID/2.65mm CS; Black O-ring – 15.0mm OD/9.0mm ID/3.0mm CS; Black filter – 25.0mm OD/15.5mm ID/3.5mm CS

Important Note: These o-rings and filters are compatible with cold water pressure washers only.

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