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12 Month Warranty
The Deka DP31DT deep cycle RV and marine battery measure 13 inches long x 6-3/4 in wide x 9-1/2 in tall. It is built with strong resistance to vibration, while producing a high starting capability and continues through a deep cycle

In many instances, one type of power just isn’t enough to meet the multiple demands of typical marine needs. Marine Master dual-purpose batteries are the ideal compromise between high starting and moderate deep cycle service. Delivering more power per pound with reinforced components, they provide longer cycling service than starting batteries, which means more accessory power longer.


Category Marine/RV
Battery type Wet Flooded
Battery Purpose Dual Purpose (Starting/Cycling)
Voltage 12V
Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) at 0° F 700
Cranking Amp (MCA) at 32° F 860
Minutes at 25 Amps 185
BCI Group Size 31
Polarity Left Positive
Terminal Style STUD/POST
Terminal End Type Top Post
Gross Weight 57 Lbs
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